Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kayaking through my worries


Tofo oh how I love Tofo. If I could choose any place to live I'd probably choose Tofo. Such a beautiful beach with such a relaxed lifestyle.

I had a few adventures at Tofo here is one of them. Note i didn't take a lot of photos because well 1. I wanted to enjoy the moment and 2. I was scared my camera and/or phone would fall into the deep dark ocean and I'd never see it again.

Luckily our guide took some photos and I got the photos from him.

So on Wednesday afternoon me and a few friends went to Liquid Dive Adventures to see what activities they have to offer. There were some nice ones but one that caught our eyes was island kayaking tour.

Now me being me the battle with myself started. Should I shouldn't I. In the end with some advice from my friends on how it is a once in a lifetime opportunity I decided I will do it. So me and Naret sent a message to the owner to book our spot.

The next day we got up early, watched the sunrise and then got ready for our adventure.

We got in the Bakkie and left to Barra beach. We got to Barra and our 4km rowing journey began. Yeap that is right 4km!!!!

At first it was fun but then my arms betrayed me!! The weak little sticks on my body got tierd and I wasn't even half way. And there I was in the middle of the ocean with no land beneath me. After I really couldn't go on anymore we took a small brake in our kayaks ate some snacks they provided us.

It was high tide and those nice little sand banks the photo above talks about were nowhere to be found. And my excitement was gone. But determined to not die I pushed through. Finally about 1km away from the island the high tide became a low tide and a sand bank popped up. And I was so excited.

We got out, had a walk, got some shells and enjoyed the beautiful view. In the distance dark clouds started to pop up, I mean seriously what more can happen to demotivate me? But  we pushed through the last little stretch, and I started praying and praying that we will get to the island before it started to rain.

Then the waves became worse, the wind became worse and well my stress levels got worse as well. I was freaking out inside. Then the rain started. After some more prayer it calmed down, (thank goodness for that) still a small drizzle but waves wasn't to bad so I started to relax a bit more.

Finally we got to the island and the sun came out again. Whooo hooo! We went on the island tour, tried to climb a coconut tree and failed, ate, And waited for our sail boat back. Don't think I can explain how grateful I was for that sailboat. It was such a nice journey back. No worries at all well every now and then I thought the boat might tip over but at eas knowing the people on she boat knew what they were doing.

Yay I survived!!!

Our one guid 

And the other one

This trip was probably one of the most challenging and rewarding experience. Being able to overcome the difficulties especially at that moment of my life was an eye opener. God might put you through difficult time and storms where you feel you can't anymore. Just remember you can face your storm no matter how big or small!! Especially if you have God on your side.

Be humble, enjoy life and live with no regrets.


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