Monday, 5 September 2016

Back in South Africa


It's been way to long sorry life has just been pretty hectic. Hopefully it will go better from now on.

If you didn't know I came back too South Africa on the 27th of August. I'm back for good now. My three months are over. Can you believe it? I've been in and out of SA since April. Time flies.

God has blessed me all the way, helping make this journey I went through possible. I can't thank Him enough.

I'm still trying to settle in. Going from a place where it is africa time and no city rush to well city rush has been a challenge. But growing up in the rush I'm sure I'll be back in the old routine in no time.

I must say its nice to be around people who can talk English or Afrikaans again. No charades trying to tell someone what you want or trying to figure out what the price is of something. I don't think you appreciate your own language until you aren't around it anymore. But I am still going to learn Portuguese. Watch the space.

Now my personal experience had loads of challenges as well as good times, and I know everything happens for a reason. You have to be broken down to be built up right? But overall I had a blast. I met so many great inspirational people along the way.

Sorry this isn't a very long post but I will start sharing some more stories of the people I met and also some other bits and bobs in the near future. So please follow the blog to keep updated.

Live humble, enjoy life and have no regrets

Xx Anschke

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