Wednesday, 3 August 2016



Packing, packing, packing you got to love it right? It signifies a new trip some more adventures and experiences.

Oh but other than that it actually really sucks :/. Packing and your bag ends up not having space and you still have a few things to fit in well that really sucks. Repacking and a lot of pushing and sitting on bags occur in this time.

Here is some of my packing fun.
So here i basically just took out the clothes that needs to be packed.

 Did some sorting and folding

And I'm done... After a few struggles and rearrangements. But I'm ready and super excited for this journey. We are leaving pretty early tomorrow. And by pretty early I mean we meet up with each other at 2:30 am!! But thats ok it's going to be a fun adventure.

On another note,  in between the packing I voted in the South African Municipal election. It was my first vote ever and I feel super excited i could be part of that.

And I had some fun with my little nephew. He is starting to walk and after someone said when you see him again he will be running around. So of course  I decides i will run around with him now so I don't miss him running while I'm gone .

My little sunshine I'm going to miss you !!

But that's it for today. Stay tuned for more of my adventures.

Stay humble xx

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