Thursday, 4 August 2016

Oh stary night


After a two week brake in SA I'm ready to return to the country que stole my hart years ago. Mozambique.

 It's where the only moving lights you see is not the airplane but a shooting star. Where there is not street lights but the moon and stars to light the way forward.

Thousands of twinkling lights. Not just a star here and there like a star here in the city, in it's much more beautiful than you can ever think. Oh beloved night sky can not wait to see you in your full glory again

Okay so as you can see I have a slight obsession with stars ... And well this is my attempt at being a good creative writer poem. I'm more of a creative picture person than the writer but enough about my writing here are a few images of my stars. I'm still starting off with night photography so please do not judge.


They are not great but being my first time trying something like that I'm pretty impressed with what I got.